Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Origami Yoda and Darth Paper

Ah, Star Wars. How you permeate our society. How ubiquitous you are. Example #10,483: A new series of young adult books called "Origami Yoda."

The concept is simple. A kid at school makes an origami Yoda finger puppet. The kid does a Yoda voice and  says wise things. The only weird part is that the paper Yoda is actually helping people. Does it have force powers? The series then continues with Darth Paper Strikes Back. The kid with the origami Yoda gets kicked out of school and it all might be the evil Darth Vader's fault!

These books are riddle with Star Wars references, obviously. I wonder if George Lucas had to officially okay these books or if Tom Angleberger (the author) could get away with using the names and likenesses of characters by saying it's a spoof or something. *quick internet search*

I'm back and, because everything you read on the internet is true, I now know that someone at one of Lucas's  companies had to okay the use of Yoda. Seems the person drove home, chucked the script at their kid and said, "Read this and tell me if we should do it." Lazy parent. I hope you give your kid 10% of your paycheck. Anyway, the kid said yes, and Origami Yoda was born.

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