Thursday, December 1, 2011

Games From My Youth: Fireball Island

This one, I'll never forgive my parents for. Fireball Island was an amazing game and it is nowhere to be found in my parent's house. The big innovation in this game is that the board wasn't flat - it was a 3D volcanic island! As a part of this island there were tracks your playing pieces went over as well as tracks that the volcanic mountain god would launch fireballs down! Where these two types of paths crossed your character was in danger of getting hit with a fireball!

The goal was to get the gem from the fireball god and make it to the only boat off the island first. Players were encouraged to be cutthroat as you could steal the gem from other players.

What completely stinks for me is that this game is being sold on eBay for somewhere around $150 to $200! Ugh! Parents!



  1. Oh man! i know exactly how u feel! This game has such a high nostalgic value to me, i just had to break down and buy it!! Luckily for me, i found a guy who was selling the complete game, in great condition, all original pieces for $100. A little steep to some im sure but if u do the research and you know how rare the game is, not to mention that the game is in such a high demand AND incomplete copies are selling on eBay for $350, well, $100 seems like a bargain and a half!! After a long wait and a lot of time put in searching for a copy to call my own, i finally got the game in the mail today and i can finally say that i have successfully brought a piece of my childhood back to life!! best $100 i ever spent!!!

  2. Preach it brother! Thanks for the comment - you're a lucky guy!