Thursday, September 8, 2011

RPG Crafting #1 - Who's the Target Audience?

So, my friend Sam and I got the bright idea to write our own roleplaying game. The first step was to determine our purpose and focus. After all, there are so many RPGs out there currently! Why do we need another one?

Who is our target audience? We thought that there were enough roleplaying games for roleplayers. Are there any really good RPGs for beginners? We wracked our brains to see if we could thing of an roleplaying game that anyone (and I mean ANYONE) could pick up and play. Sure, there are some simple RPGs such as Ug but 99% of the published RPGs are full of insider-jargon and are incredibly complex. That's understandable since RPG books are primarily rules, rules, and more rules. If a gaming company comes out with a new book it's more rules. That's how RPG companies make their money - by selling rules So we decided there was room in the market for a RPG targeting people who had never played an RPG before. Such as grandma (seriously!).
Potential roleplayer?

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