Monday, September 26, 2011

New Marvel RPG announced!

1LR demanded a new Marvel RPG and the gaming world listened! During the last GenCon, Margaret Weis Productions announced that they will be releasing 16 Marvel Universe RPG books in a year, starting in February 2012.

The system will be Cortex Plus - I've got to admit that I've never played anything with the Cortex Plus gaming rules. Kinda nervous about that.

It seems like the game will be based on events in Marvel history such as the Civil War. I'm not sure how this will go for a long term campaign... we'll have to wait and see. Each event book will have a "premium and essential edition." Not sure what that means. Does that mean two versions of the same book - a cheap version and a deluxe version? Or two different books for each event, both of which  you must buy to play it? Also, the "premium and essential editions" will be supported by three supplements (or accessories) - each "in a similar format to Marvel's own trade paperbacks." I'm also not sure what this means. What's the purpose to the supplemental materials? how do they fit in with the "premium and essential editions?"

If you do the math, 16 books - that could only be three or four events, depending on how they're counting the premium and essential editions (as one book or as two different books?).

The press release found at does say that original characters may be played so that's good. It also says that the rules are easily explainable so that's also good.

Let's hope this thing is good. Marvel fans deserve a good RPG after the last two stinkers.

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