Monday, February 27, 2017

Atomic Highway RPG - Smokes's Journal #7

I told them not to go to town. I told them not to make trouble. I told to keep moving. I told them not to stop to repair the train. Idiots! Because of them, we lost it all. Because of them, I smoked two more cigarettes. I hate smoking and I hate killing. I'm beginning to think I was better off alone.

They tell me that Lord Awesome's army, and I mean ARMY, caught up to us and wiped out everything. The train, all of the supplies, the town of Rugby, the survivors... EVERYTHING. GONE.

They tell me I kinda lost it and went on an insane killing spree. That Gopher dragged me to safety. That we escaped into a gigantic underground pipe (where we found Gopher's car, Ace's stupid glider plane thing, and my horse, miraculously still alive). They tell me I took out the Baron and his remaining men. I can't say I remember any of it... just noise and blood and smoke. So much smoke.

We travelled in that pipe for days until we came to the end. Gopher burst through with his car, launching himself into the midst of some red-skinned native tribal nation. Seeing me astride my horse, Kickstarter, they pointed and cried, "The savior has come!"

I'm guessing this won't end well.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Atomic Highway RPG - Smokes's Journal #6

Ace, Ash and I fixed the train while Buford and Gopher went to the outpost to trade. Dummies. Pretty sure they're going to be killed by Lord Awesome. If they're not back by the time repairs are done we're leaving them behind. Dummies.
Explosions dotted the landscape from the direction Buford and Gopher went. Sorry, dummies, but the rest of us are taking the train and leaving you behind, alive or dead. Dummies.
Lord Awesome's men have relentlessly pursued us. Pretty sure they're using radio to communicate our position back to Lord Awesome. Hope to lose them going back through Grand Forks.
Made it through Grand Forks, but it turns out that it wasn't Lord Awesome chasing us - it was Buford and Gopher in one of Lord Awesome's military vehicles. We took out some more of Lord Awesome's troops at the military base, made upgrades to the train, and picked up some refugees before heading on to Rugby.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Atomic Highway RPG - Smokes's Journal #5

We decided to hightail it out of the old military base, but not before rounding up some tools, taking a few extra railcars for the train, and destroying some key buildings and the fighter jet so they don't fall into Lord Awesome's hands. Dawdled just a little bit too long and were caught by one of Lord Awesome's scouting patrols. We scared them off and then followed the rails, looking for a way away from Lord Awesome to the East or South. It seems it wasn't meant to be, however. After a run in with some mutates in Grand Forks, we found all other rails to be impassable as Lord Awesome's compound loomed larger and larger. Great. I hate killing.