Friday, February 17, 2017

Atomic Highway RPG - Smokes's Journal #6

Ace, Ash and I fixed the train while Buford and Gopher went to the outpost to trade. Dummies. Pretty sure they're going to be killed by Lord Awesome. If they're not back by the time repairs are done we're leaving them behind. Dummies.
Explosions dotted the landscape from the direction Buford and Gopher went. Sorry, dummies, but the rest of us are taking the train and leaving you behind, alive or dead. Dummies.
Lord Awesome's men have relentlessly pursued us. Pretty sure they're using radio to communicate our position back to Lord Awesome. Hope to lose them going back through Grand Forks.
Made it through Grand Forks, but it turns out that it wasn't Lord Awesome chasing us - it was Buford and Gopher in one of Lord Awesome's military vehicles. We took out some more of Lord Awesome's troops at the military base, made upgrades to the train, and picked up some refugees before heading on to Rugby.

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