Friday, May 4, 2012

1LR Midnight Movie: Avengers - The Fanboy Reactions

Who goes to see a midnight show? Fanboys! And let me tell you, there were out in droves! Now, were not talking Harry Potter 7 part 2 here but there was a heavy turnout.

First of all, TONS of people dressed in costume. One clever group dressed as every Avenger from the movie, except the Hulk. So a young girl stepped up wearing all green with toy Hulk fists on. Brilliant! I saw a lot of people with the cheap Thor and Iron Man masks on. There were even some homemade costumes (including one really cool Iron Man helmet). Of course, there was a large sampling of Avengers related T-shirts. Bravo, fanboys!

All right... You all dress up in elaborate superhero costumes
and I'll just wear my suit and sunglasses, and say I'm
"Agent Colston" okay fellas?
The film has a number of in jokes or insinuations that fanboys picked up on. I don't want to spoil it, but there's a surprise appearance in the cut-scene in the middle of the credits that got a HUGE reactions from the fanboys but may leave some casual fans scratching their heads going, "Who was that?"

Joss Whedon's brand of delivering the unexpected got loud approval from the crowd. Whedon definitely had his way with this script and he in particular had a lot of fun with the Hulk.

Walking out at the end of the film, I heard quite a few people voicing their appreciation from the film. Some were weighing whether or not it was better than the first Iron Man. I, myself, wouldn't go that far but this movie was made to make fanboys happy.

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