Friday, May 18, 2012

Marvel Super Hero Squad CCG Available At Comic Store West

The first of, I'm sure, many purchases.
I'm applauding the folks at Comic Store West. They managed to get the Marvel Super Hero Squad Collectible Card Game in stock! This is a product that NOBODY else has in the York, PA area - no other hobby shop, card shop, collectibles shop, not even big-box stores like Walmart and Target. From my understanding it took some wheeling and dealing it make it happen but CSW came through.
That being said, as soon as the manager told me it was in stock I ran over a bought some. Here's my initial haul:

I got the two-player introductory box, four different one-player introductory boxes, and five booster packs.

I'll post my thoughts on the card game in general and each specific product in the coming days.

I've heard word of a launch event at CSW... I'll keep you posted when I receive details.

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