Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Marvel Super Hero Squad MMO: The Daily Bugle Has Fallen!

To complete his conquest of Midgard, Loki has taken over the Daily Bugle, Spider-Man's stomping grounds! This leaves only Villainville untouched... for now! Will Loki leave Doctor Doom alone or conquer that land as well? Only time will tell! Until then, check out the pictures of the fallen Daily Bugle!
The flames and billowing smoke are nice tocuhes. 
Loki even hates TREES!  Now THAT'S a bad guy!
This hole in the Daily Bugle reveals an office... perhaps J. Jonah's? Notice the front pages hanging up.

In the busted open bank, Loki left an IOU where the money used to be.

This weird plane thing crashed and took out the fountain!

I'd hat to see who fired that arrow...

You let the villains take over and look what happens... So much for the Clean Water Act of 1976.

The top of the Daily Bugle was completely razed.

This antenna used to top the Daily Bugle. 

As did this horn. The street looks like alphabet soup!

If there's no money and the lock's busted, what is this crook stealing?

This Skrull ship crashed into this building.

People stand around everywhere literally frozen by Loki's power.

When you have a river of slime,  who ya gonna call?

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