Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gaming Notes: Marvel Heroic RPG #3

At Comic Store West's last Free Heroic RPG Day, I got to run the Marvel Heroic RPG. Everyone playing had never played except for myself. I ran two sessions.

Spidey, Daredevil, and Cage
The second session had the following participants:

Eric played Luke Cage
Martin played Spider-Man
Sean played Daredevil
Jim played Captain America

Purple Man
I started them out inside the Raft high security prison. Murdock (Dardevil) was on his way to interview the Sentry, his client. Murdock brought Luke Cage with him as a hired muscle in case trouble broke out so he wouldn't have to reveal his secret identity in this highly monitored environment and he also brought alone Parker (Spider-Man) as a photographer. Cap was assigned as their SHIELD escort.

Of course, an explosion rocks the prison, the lights glow bright and then everything goes black. I threw everything but the kitchen sink at them right off the bat to really up the ante for the second session. So, one at at time, I had villain after villain pile on- Zzaxxx, Graviton, Count Nefaria, Purple Man, Living Laser, and the Grey Gargoyle. The heroes rose to the occasions, defeating each of them in turn (except Graviton, who fled and escaped once he wasn't engaged in combat). The purple man successfully controlled several party members which made things even more difficult for the remaining heroes.

The heroes then made their way to the Sentry. Daredevil reasoned with him and convinced him to rejoin society. Only, I don't suppose they anticipated how he was going to do it. He grabbed the nearest bad guy by the throat and then slammed upward through all eight stories of the Raft, causing a massive collapse.

The heroes then made their way up several levels. They started noticing something odd - the prison was completely deserted. No bodies, no SHIELD agents, no prisoners. Then they saw the blood trails. It appears that something or someone was killing indiscriminately and dragging the bodies up to the next level.

When the heroes arrived at the next level, they discovered... well, complete Carnage. Carnage, Vermin, Typhoid Mary, Tiger Shark and Razor Fist had gone on a killing spree, murdering anyone, villain or hero, they encountered. Vermin munched on the dead while Carnage arranged their limbs to spell "HELP ME!" as some sick joke. Seeing the heroes, Carnage drooled, "Play time!"

The heroes were in for a struggle to save their very lives. Carnage was playing for keeps and I really threw everything at them, burning dice from the Doom Pool left and right. Eventually, of course, the heroes were triumphant but they were sorely tested.

Bruised and battered, they made their way to the surface, only to encounter a large mob of powerless villains trying to break into the Raft's weapon's locker. The weary heroes bravely waded into the mob and beat them back.

Finally, they made their way to the surface and were greeted by swarms of SHIELD agents surrounding the island. Using their resources, they discovered that there was something fishy going on at a SHIELD outpost in the Savage Land. The heroes resolved to stick together until they discovered what was truly going on.

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