Sunday, May 27, 2012

One Actor, Two Superheroes

Captain America
Human Torch
Casey Jones
Chris Evans made a big stir whenever he was announced to play Captain America. "Isn't everyone going to think of him as the Human Torch?" everyone said. Well, I doubt many see Chris Evans and think of the Human Torch after the success of both the Cap and Avengers movies. And, of course, Evans also played the voice of Casey Jones in the 2007 TMNT movie.

Captain Marvel - the original!

The Phantom
Still, the "Superhero Switch" isn't without precedent. In fact, it goes back to the origin of superhero cinema. I am just watching the old Phantom movie serials for the first time and I said to myself, "Wait... isn't that the same actor that played Captain Marvel?" Yep. That's right - the very first superhero on film (in 1941) - Captain Marvel was played by Tom Tyler - the same guy who played The Phantom two years later.

And this tradition has continued. Kirk Alyn, who famously was the first actor to play Superman on film, moved on to play the comic book character Blackhawk as well.

Catwoman and Storm

Of course Haley Barry playing both Catwoman and Storm.

And hey, Ryan Reynolds played Deadpool, Green Lantern, and Hannabal King!

The Superhero Trifecta!


  1. Chris Evans also played Lucas Lee, one of the superpowered boyfriends Scott Pilgrim had to defeat to win Ramona in "Scott Pilgrim vs the World."

    1. Thanks for the info, Dave! I have not yet seen Scott Pilgrim... I'm guessing Lucas Lee was a bad guy (from the sounds of it).