Friday, May 25, 2012

Gaming Notes: Marvel Heroic Roleplaying #4

I am an alien. I am an alien. I know this to be true. I've just got to keep telling myself this. I am not human - I am an alien.

The Imperial Guard
The reason for this mental exercise in self-assertion is due to some strange events recently. See, I remember being an alien. I had powers. I was the eyes of the Imperial Guard of the Shi'ar. They had stationed me on Earth to monitor and report on the activities of the Earthlings since far too often their problems have erupted to threaten the universe itself. To that end, I set aside my true name of Kae-Len and assumed the guise of a mild-mannered reporter for the Daily Bugle, Kizza Cant.

I find these Earth people peculiar in their ways. But in my short time on Earth I have also grown fond of them. It's easy to see how they shake the cosmos - never in all my travels have I seen another specials that rivals their ability to create and power to destroy. Because of this affinity, I seek to protect these powerful yet frail creatures from unwittingly bringing harm upon themselves. To protect my disguise as a human and so they don't learn that I'm an alien recon officer, I have constructed a superhuman identity. Looking on the electronic information access system, I discovered that when humans want to hide their personhood they often come up with a screen name such as Fata1ity. Well, my screen name is $tr@ng3r. I thought it fitting because I'm a $tr@ng3r in a strange land (as they say.) I have clothing to conceal my identity and everything.

For example, earlier today I found myself in an institution of finance without any knowledge of how I had arrived there. I recognized five other people in the room with me but didn't know how I recognized them.

Suddenly, humans with cloth on their faces and pointing metal cylinders at the occupants of the financial institution loudly barged in and demanded that everyone lay down on the floor. Seeing that the surface was unpadded and not feeling sleepy, I began to question the humans as to their motives so I could better understand them. However, they insisted that I assume a horizontal position so I complied.

No sooner had I lain down than one of the humans I recognized grew massively tall and started causing violence. Quickly the other four beings (I call them beings because they were not all human) I recognized also joined in the pandemonium. Loud booms rang out, beings sustained injuries, and general mayhem ensued. I wanted to restore tranquility but I didn't want to reveal my secret identity (I saw many observation devices in the place of money). I began questioning those involved in the mix-up. Apparently, my barrage of questions was disorienting to the humans with the cloth over their faces because they seemed to show signs of emotional stress from them.

After a short while, most of the aggressively violent humans were subdued except those that had locked themselves behind a big, metal heavy door. The others I recognized seemed to want to open the door. When they did, however, something very strange happened. The entire room disappeared in a flash.

They're coming to take me away...
We awoke lying in beds in a white room. We stood and exited the room. None of us had any powers. I was having trouble with my mental recall of the past. Humans in long white coats greeted us and said that memory loss and disorientation were normal side-effects of the serum.

Something is not right. I'm an alien with powers. I'm the eyes of the Shi'ar Empire's Imperial Guard. I'm a Screen Name Hero. I'm The $tr@ng3r. Could that have all been a lie? Could that have all been something my mind made up? Could I be a human after all?

I hope to discover the answers to those questions very soon.

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