Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gammarauders Comic

One last thought on Gammarauders:

Gammarauders comic book!
When I was researching to do the last couple of Gammarauder-related posts, I discovered that their was a Gammarauders comic book from DC comics! Who knew?

So, naturally, this aroused my curiosity. Which game first - the comic or the game? They're obviously related because they have the same title art. Well, it turns out that the game came first. I don't remember this game being big enough to warrant its own comic book but I was only 10 in 1987!

The comic ran for 10 issues. In fact, three of those issues had a "mini-RPG" supplement in them based on the board game Gammarauders!

This has to put Gammarauders in a very elite group of games. How many games do you know that have their own comic book (not counting video games)? Let's see... Magic, Dungeons and Dragons... I'm stalling here. Go, Gammarauders, go!

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