Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gaming Notes: Gammarauders

The other night I got to play the old TSR game, Gammarauders with four other guys.

Eugene played Elvin
Ken played Cruz
Steve play Kizaro
Sam play Blip
and I played Scav, the Vulturian with the dice rolling help of my four year old son.

I can't say I got off to a good start. I boldly walked away from my fortress with a massive force, leaving a small contingent behind for defense. My fortress got trashed by Blip and Cruz right away, leaving me without a means to generate new troops. In seeking revenge, Cruz destroyed the rest of my troops!

I REALLY wanted revenge now so I hung around his base until it was undefended, then rushed in to crush it!

I wandered the board gathering energy pods before returning to rebuild my base and cash in the energy pods for tons of troops.

Then Cruz, Blip, and I decided to join forces to destroy Eugene who had a massive army and tons of energy pods. Eugene had unwisely gotten greedy and tried to cross the water to zone 7, leaving his home undefended.

Scav the Vulturian
So I had two fortresses destroyed and I only needed one more for victory. The problem was that so did Blip and Cruz! The game stalled for a long time with everyone coming to everyone else's aid in defense so they wouldn't get their third victory.

Finally, I figured out how to break the stalemate. I wandered in the direction of Kizaro's already destroyed base. On my combat turn I then rebuilt the base with a card and attacked it from range with a special weapon! Since the fortress was undefended and nobody else expected the attack it was an easy win!

Scav the Vulturian, stood over the slain bodies and crushed fortresses of his opponents in victory!

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