Monday, May 7, 2012

FCBD Marvel Trivia Contest at CSW

At Comic Store West's Free Comic Book Day festivities, they were offering a $20 prize for the person who could get 7 out of 10 random Marvel trivia questions correct. I'm a HUGE Marvel fan so I figured I had the prize in the bag.

As I waited in line, I watched person after person get their fourth question wrong and walk away with their head in shame. Some poor souls didn't even get to six questions. I sat there listening to the questions they received. I knew quite a few answers and I laughed as they struggled to answer the simplest questions. But I must admit that there were a few that stumped me.

Finally, it was my turn. I got my first two questions correct without a problem (including naming all of Daredevil's secretaries!). Then, the trivia master asked me who some dude was I had never heard of. I floundered and guessed at an answer and, of course, it was wrong. First strike.

I got a couple more correct and then he asked me, "Who was resurrected in issue #178 of the Incredible Hulk?" I'm a HUGE Hulk fan but I embarrassed myself with my answer, "The Leader?" I said. Stupid, I should have known that the Leader wasn't killed off and brought back until much later. The Leader isn't known for resurrecting from the dead. Adam Warlock, the correct answer, is! Dumb!

So, with two strikes now, I carefully considered my seventh and eighth questions, getting one correct and the other incorrect. on my ninth question, I was so close to the prize I could taste it. This moment would validate my entire lifetime spent in comic book nirvana! All of that knowledge of an imaginary realm would finally be put to good use! I would be the only person all day to beat the challenge!

 Then the trivia master asked me, "What member of Alpha Flight suffers from multiple personality disorder?" ALPHA FLIGHT? Who reads that waste? "Ummm... Wildchild?" I said.

Of course, that wasn't correct. It was Aurora. Aurora cost me geek glory!
Stupid Alpha Flight

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