Thursday, May 10, 2012

How You Can Use 1,989 Valiant Comics #12

Continuing our series on how YOU can make use of those worthless Valiant Comics you've got lying around!

#12 - forty comics - It's time to get serious about using 1,989 Valiant comics! If your child is like my three year old girl sits pretty low at our table. What she need is a Valiant booster seat! Here's what you can do. Stack 40 comics and wrap them up with tape (duct, packaging, or masking all work fine). You've now got yourself a big block of Valiant pick-me-up!
Poor little girl... she can barely see what she's eating.
Now she's happy and sitting tall. What changed?
Valiant to the rescue again!
VALIANT COMICS USED TO DATE: 82 of 1,989! 1907 left to use!

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