Friday, May 4, 2012

1LR Midnight Movie: Avengers - TWO Scenes During the Credits


There are TWO scenes during the Avengers end credits. You'll want to stay to catch both of them.

Even the Avengers think the end-credits scene is funny.
The first comes right after the CGI "stylized" credits. It's a little epilogue to show what the bad guys are up to after the fight ends. I won't ruin it, but it features a very surprising guest star that I guarantee nobody in the theater saw coming. It really comes out of left field - I'll have to go back and rewatch but I don't even think they dropped any subtle hints about this character in the movie. It really sets up future Avengers related films. I'll give you a hint: It's a cosmic-level being that you'd think they would never tap for the Avengers movies.

The second scene comes at the end of the credits. This is a follow up on a joke Iron Man makes a few times in the film. It's kinda like that scene in Spider-Man 2 where Spidey rides the elevator... hilariously awkward.

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