Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How You Can Use 1,989 Valiant Comics #25

Continuing our series on how YOU can make use of those worthless Valiant Comics you've got lying around!

#25 - eighty comics - For number 25 I decided to bust out a big one. Wallpaper a room in your house (not a dollhouse this time)! Just take the staples out of the comic, coat the wall in glue, and apply the comics!  I arrived at the number 80 based on the size of the room I did (I only used one coat). Of course, if you have a smaller or larger room your actual number will vary.
It's not the fumes from the glue that makes you dizzy.

VALIANT COMICS USED TO DATE: 193 of 1989! 1796 left to use!
Number 25! If I was a Valiant comic I'd put a special holographic cover on this!

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