Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Blankman Review

Blankman is an original superhero movie starring Damon Waynes.
Blankman poster... the movie is just about as exciting.
The reason I saw Blankman was simply superhero curiosity. I really had no knowledge of the film before viewing it. I liked certain elements of the film but probably for none of the reasons the filmmakers intended.

I'm guessing this was suppose to be a comedy/parody but it wasn't actually funny. I also that although it took some story elements from a typical superhero narrative there was quite a bit of original material as well. This diminished the "parody" feeling.

I actually thought the storyline was pretty realistic. Blankman doesn't have any powers (except the ability to turn junk into working gadgets, including a bulletproofing formula). I think the motivation for real life superheros would be quite similar to that of Blankman - personal loss and a true desire to make things better.

Would I recommend that you see Blankman? Well... no. But the film isn't without merit.

1LR Review: 9 out of 20 - It's a Miss!

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