The Rating System

At One Lost Road I rate things on a 20-scale to honor gaming's most popular die - the twenty sider! These ratings are applied to everything from comics to movies to games to books. So what do  the ratings mean? Here's a breakdown -

20 - Critical Hit! - Legendary! Among the best ever! Simply flawless! You must own this!

19-17 - Solid Hit! - Outstanding in nearly every aspect. Any flaws are very, very minor. This comes with my highest recommendation and everyone should try it.

16-14 - Hit! - Very good! The few flaws may be small and generally do not detract from the overall enjoyment. Highly recommended.

13-11 - Glancing Hit - Good but with a few flaws that moderately reduce the enjoyment. It is recommended that you check this out.

10 -8 - Miss - Okay with several serious flaws that limited my enjoyment. There are more negatives than positives and the reviewer does not recommend it.

7 - 5 - Failure - Bad with major flaws, although there may be a few redeeming characteristics. This is not enjoyable and the reviewer recommends that you avoid it.

4 - 2 - Total Failure - Horrible with severe flaws. This absolutely not enjoyable at all. Laugh at anyone who actually spends time or money on this.

1 - Critical Fumble! - Among the worst ever. Absolutely horrible in every way with no redeeming characteristics. Can I erase this from my memory somehow?