Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Atomic Highway RPG - Smokes's Journal #8

Thinking I was the "savior" the natives had shouted to, I tried to turn my status to the advantage of the group, particularly since the rest of the guys were already labeled as "devils." I hoped that if I could gain the trust of the natives I could somehow get us out of this jam. However, it turns out the natives didn't think I was the savior, but rather Kickstarter, my horse. To make matters worse, the people I was trying to fool (the tribesmen) saw through my attempt to suck up to them but my own group thought I had legitimately turned against them!

It appears we set the tribe's oil supply on fire with our dramatic entrance. In short order, we were cleaned and send on a spirit quest. They drugged us as we saw all kinds of crazy stuff. Apparently, I was the only one in the group to get a beat down. Just my luck. 

Then the tribal chiefs sent us on a crazy hunting quest in the wilderness to somehow entertain some gods. I don't buy any of this religious mumbo-jumbo. We were attacked by some armored beasts and a giant spider. The group's in rough shape. I just hope to prove myself to the tribe so they'll let us go so we can move on to somewhere more sane. 

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