Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rolemaster - Gaming Notes #7

When last we had left our heroes they had tracked a stone golem back to the ancient ruins they had previously explored. They expected it to go into the tunnels they had been to before but instead it entered a large two story structure of ruins that was partially sunken into the ground.

The heroes, of course, decided to explore the structure. They stepped inside and thirty one feet in they triggered three traps. The floor fell out from underneath them and they tumbled down into the darkness, hitting ground hard. Lighting a lantern the party discovered that they were in jail cells (the ranger in one, the mentalist in another, and weaponmaster in another).
The mentalist, Mr. Orion Bartholomew, quickly used a spell to escape and free the weaponmaster only to be hit with a shot of acid to the face. A odd creature that can turn invisible attacked the party, quickly decimating us. The ranger had enough and starting climbing out. When he got to the top he used the tip of an arrow to carve away mortar so he could escape. Climbing up out of the tube he was dealt a kick to the head!

While the party lie defeated in their cell below the ranger tried to flee from the menace... only to fall down another trap and land in the same cell as the party. After a brief spat between the ranger and the weaponsmaster, the two teamed up to take down the monstrous threat. The stalked down the hallway and killed the beast who was waiting for them, invisible.

Retrieving their unconscious companion, the heroes beat feet three days back to town to restock and resupply. We got 25 archers and 25 foot soldiers from Lady Misterra, the kind woman who is ruler of the town.
We set off and quickly encountered 13 zombies. The archers were competently killing them when the mentalist decided to charge in with four soldiers at his side. The weaponsmaster and the ranger saved his bacon, as is tradition.

That night, they left a giant pass in peace only to be surrounded by giants in the middle of the night raining down boulders on them. The ranger called for a truce and met the giant leader in peace on the field of battle. The ranger successfully negotiated a treaty and left the giant leader, Leafgrun, as a friend.
What will our heroes encounter next? What awaits them inside the ruins and the tunnels below? Find out next time!

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