Friday, October 7, 2011

First Impression - Irondie

Recently released from Green Lake Games comes Irondie. What caught my attention with this game was the solicitation it had in Previews. The dice below are all six-sided dice from the Irondie game.

Now how cool are those dice? I'd buy them just so I could play with them in a RPG. But, Irondie is actually a game until itself. Based on the shape and color of the dice, they serve different functions in the game. The functions are: Assault, Ballistic, Barrier, Fortress, Nullifier, Powerup, Regeneration, Smasher, and Swarm. Each color of dice has specializations.

The dice are actually made of metal. I can't say I've ever rolled a metal die before. I'd better they're a fair bit heavier than normal dice! The game requires you to roll the dice. The rules are a little complicated but it seems like you attack, keep some dice in reserve, and have some defensive dice as well. Dice can be destroyed, thus defeating your foes.

The dice are sold in random packs, just like Magic Cards. There are even rare dice. Now, that I do not like so much! Prices online indicate that a regular die goes for $5 a piece. Starter sets go for about $40.00.

Interesting concept and the dice look great. Can't wait to see them in person!

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