Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Geek Gear: Ultimate DM Screen

Have an extra $150.00? Well, then you, too, can intimidate your players with this gigantic Dungeon Master's Screen! I present to you the Dungeons and Drgaons Dungeon Master's Keep: The Ultimate DM Screen!

Now this thing is no lightweight! I personally don't own this... this... abomination... but from what I've read it's quite heavy duty! The inside has ledges upon which minitures can be stored out of the way until they are called upon to crush your characters! The towers can be used to roll dice - drop them down the top and then tumble out the bottom (one faces the DM, one faces the players).

While this screen is cool AND it would be quite intimidating for players, I do think it's a bit impractical. If you DM at anybody else's house other than yours this thing would be a royal pain to haul around. Plus, where do you put it when you're not gaming? Also, one of the best functions of a DM screen is to have charts and important information inside of it for the DM to quickly reference. This screen doesn't have that.

Bottom line, while cool, this DM Screen may be better used by your kids when they play with your old He-Man toys. But I personally would rather spend $150.00 on actual gaming books.

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