Monday, October 31, 2011

Geek Gear: Mr. T In Your Pocket

Mr. T may be known for his catch phrase, "I pity the fool!" but he has a variety of phrases that range from , "Shut up, fool!" to "Don't gimme no back talk!" and they're all captured on this handy, pocket sized device!

I can think of dozens of uses for this device. Are you DMing and one of your players is mouthing off to you? A quick "Don't make me mad!" and the player will fall in line. How about if your kids are loudly arguing? "Sucka, quit your jibba jabba," and the problem's solved! Sounds like hours of fun to me!

I do find it interesting that even after the A-Team movie, they still use Mr. T as B.A. Baracus for this device. Sometimes, you just can't top the original!

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