Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lone Wolf Multiplayer - Gaming Notes #3

Our heroes were camped at the bottom of the moutain below the Shianti fortress of Ikaya, last time we left them. Leaving their guides behind, they begin their ascent only to stumble upon a dying ice barbarian. The barbarian is an adviser to the ice barbarian's main ruler who has been exiled. He tells the party of a secret entrance into Ikaya are warns that the ice barbarian's leader is under the influence of an evil orange gem and has been acting strangely.
The party finds the moulin into the glacier and enters an icy cavern, discovering the lower levels of Ikaya after dispatching a Javek (a little too loudly - the Dwarven Gunner fired her musket). They open the door, kill two doomwolves, and proceed into a hallway. They quickly find that all of the doors are locked and they need a triangular symbol to unlock the doors. They kill the guards and take their pendants, finding the missing Kai Lord in the process. Unfortunately, the Dwarven Gunner again uses her musket and two more waves of guards come running, resulting in the death of the Magician of Dessi. The heroes pause only momentarily to... mourn (loot the body) before proceeding up the stairs to the ground level to confront the "evil" barbarian leader, leaving the weakened Kai Lord below.

After quickly dispatching the lone guard left on the ground level the party enters the bedchamber of the barbarian leader. They destroy the orange gem and discover the barbarian leader tied up in a closet! Confusingly, the barbarian leader then enters the room with guards and unleashes powerful magic from a scepter he carries! It rends the room in two, severely damaging Ikaya in the process.
 The heroes attack and the barbarian reveals his true nature - a Nadziran who can transform his shape into an ice dragon! The dragon quickly kills the Kai Lord as the party tries to keep its distance and attack with ranged weapons. After an exhausting battle the Brother of the Crystal Star finally puts the beast down with a massive bolt of lightning.
The true barbarian leader is less than grateful, however, severely chastising the surviving heroes for killing so many of his mislead men and for damaging his city. The barbarian leader casts them out into the icy wilderness after stripping them of their possessions as reparations to pay the families of the deceased ice barbarians. The heroes limp home, happy to have merely survived the ordeal.

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