Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lone Wolf Multiplayer - Gaming Notes #2

We last left our heroes in the middle of their sea voyage to Lujk, the trading city in the frozen wasteland of Kalte where they sought news of the missing Kai Lord has his party of diplomats. After the saboteurs were defeated, the ship needed an entire day to repair itself and to pump out the water since it had come very, very close to sinking completely.

After a few days at sea, a swift vessel approached the ship. Giaks attacked, launching ballistae and their leader fired a magical wand, killing crew members mercilessly! The heroes fought back, disabling one of the ballistae, breaching the hull of the enemy ship, and killing some giaks and their leader before giving the final, killing blow to the vessel when the Magician of Dessi snapped the mast off with a mighty magically blow.

When they saw a tall black pillar on the horizon, the heroes steered clear of it, wary of the potential danger. Shortly thereafter they started noticing icebergs in the water around them as they entered the arctic water of the Kaltersee.

Upon their arrival at port, they were greeted by the Harbormaster and discovered that the town had been under seige by the ice barbarians. They quickly disembarked, found the Kai Temple and merchant house. That night, the heroes thwarted a plan by an agent of the Darklords to let Baknars into the town and then poison the heroes' waterskins. The following morning, merchant house outfitted them with gear for their trip and provided them with two guides. The heroes set off into the great, white openness of Kalte, going toward the ancient city of Ikaya on their dog sleds in search of the missing Kai Lord.
Along the way, they encountered many dangers in their 15 day journey, including wild animals, frozen giak zombies, ice barbarians, blizzards, and a magical aurora in the sky that they (stupidly) messed with despite repeated warnings from their guides. They also saw many wonders such as a 800 foot tall ice cliff and the inverted image of Ikaya hanging from the clouds.
The heroes stopped at the foot of the mountain Ikaya rests on. When next we continue, the  heroes will try to infiltrate this fortress...

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