Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lone Wolf Multiplayer #8 - The Darklands Review

The Darklands is the eighth book to be released for the Lone Wolf Multiplayer RPG.
First, the book presents the geography of the Darklands. Each domain is detailed quite extensively. While the formatting may not be very reader-friendly you can't fault them for being thorough. The "Dangers of the Darklands" section is truly awe-inspiring in its grotesque barbarism. Truly, the Darklands is a hideous, horrible place and that really oozes out of every paragraph. This isn't a land any character should enter lightly because it is brutally deadly, as it should be. I would say you need to be level 15+ to even ATTEMPT to journey into the Darklands!

I especially liked the section on The Touch of Naar and corruption of player characters. The very fact that your character's spirit, mind, and physical form is being twisted by doing the things necessary to adventure in the Darklands is wonderfully evil. This reminds me of the old school Ravenloft setting I loved so much.  

The excellence continues in a detailed walkthrough of the capital city of Helgedad. There's a nice map included and a sector by sector breakdown.

The Darklord section is truly terrifying, however. Darklord after Darklord is detailed with special powers and qualities that are enough to make any Kai Lord shake in his little green booties. There's also a very nice supplemental bestiary for creatures that would appear in the Darklands only. The armies of the Darklords themselves are given a very close inspection. All of this is simply delightful.

My only two quibbles with this book are minor. First, the cover art is recycled from the Lone Wolf D20 Darklands book. In fact, the contents of this book are amazingly similar to that book in many regards. Perhaps this is one of the reasons this book seems so well put together compared to other Lone Wolf Multiplayer books - the D20 Lone Wolf seemed to have a greater production value overall. The second quibble is the lack of interior art. I don't mind this as much as some and I'd rather have no interior art that poorly drawn and poorly printed art like in some of the other Lone Wolf Multiplayer books.

Kudos to Vincent Lazzari and Joe Dever for putting together the best Lone Wolf Mutlplayer book to date.

1LR Review - 19 out of 20 - It's a Solid Hit!

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