Thursday, October 6, 2011

One Pound of Comics For $3.00!

Less than a gallon of gas or a gallon of millk... A pound of comics! If you've got $3.00 you'll want to check out Comic Store West's "Comics by the Pound" sale! This Saturday and Sunday - October 8th and 9th you'll be able to choose from among 12,000 comic books!  Check out all the details at!

How many comic books are in a pound? I broke out ye ol' trusty eBay scale and grabbed a few random stacks of comics (sans bags and boards). I came out to an average of about 8 comics or so, the low being 7 and the high being 10. Not bad for some good old fashioned comic book reading on the cheap!

Perhaps the better question is, "How long would it take you to read a pound of comics?" I know for myself I read an average 22 page comic in about 15 minutes or so. So taking the average of eight comics per pound I'm looking at two hours of pleasure reading wonderful stories and basking in fine art for every pound! Sweet! Take that, expensive movies!

Please note - these aren't actual comics for sale. This is just some random picture I ripped off the internet.

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