Thursday, October 20, 2011

Scrabble Championship Controvery

The letter "G" went missing the other day at the Worldwide Scrabble Championships. Words were said. Tempers flared. Strip searches were demanded. That's right. Strip searches. For the missing letter "G."
The officials didn't do the strip searches but they did make the competitors turn out their pockets. Wow. That's a real close examination. Couldn't get a one inch wooden square past that thorough investigation!

How does stuff like this happen? You'd figure for the FINAL GAME of the World Scrabble Championships there'd be video cameras and plenty of eyewitnesses. I'm sure the letters were counted and recounted before the game. 

And what's really odd is that the officials simply replaced the missing "G" and continued playing like nothing happened. The letter was noticed missing very late in the game so heaven only knows what impact this had on the game, especially since the champion only won by one point. 

Sheesh. If Scrabble isn't safe what else isn't? Next you'll be telling me they use steroids in baseball and the Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner, cheated on his taxes. Ludicrous!

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