Sunday, October 16, 2011

What Would Happen To Batman in Real Life?

Ever wonder what would happen to a superhero in real life if they swing in, beat up the bad guys, and save the day? Well, look no further than the real-life Superhero, Phoenix Jones. Jones is the real deal - he has a sidekick, Ghost. His wife is even a superhero, PurpleReign. The costume below is pretty slick.
Seattle "superhero" Phoenix Jones arrested for pepper-spray assault
So Jones goes around and spends his time doing good. The other day he saw a fight break out on the streets and he tried to intervene, getting assaulted in the process. He ends up using pepper spray to defend himself, apparently, and what does he get for his trouble? Arrested! Check out the news story here. The worst part is the revealed his secret identity AND took his costume (he has a spare)! Why take the guy's costume? If he was wearing jeans and a T-shirt would they have taken those too?

I gotta think that if Jones HADN'T been dressed up in costume the police would have given him a pass. He's just a concerned citizen taking his precious time and dedicating to making his neighborhood safer. We should be applauding this guy, not throwing the book at him. After all, it takes the police over 13 minutes to respond to several 911 calls. Meanwhile, I'm sure the guy driving the car in the reported attempt at hit-and-run and the lady who reportedly assaulted Jones are still roaming free. Sheesh.

Check out the live video from the actual event that led to Jones's arrest:

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