Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fantastic Four - Issue #600 Milestone (?)

Fantastic Four will be celebrating its 600th issue very soon. It has been in publication since 1961! That's quite impressive. That's one issue a month, every month. Sort of. Kind of. Except Marvel cheated on this in a way.

Since, Fantastic Four was cancelled on issue #588. In its place was a book called FF - The Future Foundation. FF has been published for 11 issues now and the twelfth is about to come out. Meaning that Marvel has counted the first 11 issues of FF twice - once for the title FF and again for Fantastic Four. FF isn't being cancelled - it will continue on as an ongoing series. Now Marvel has tried to pull stunts like this before, cancelling a series, starting over with #1, and then returning to "legacy numbering" but it has never tried to count the same issues as adding to the number count of two comics before. Weak move, Marvel. Weak.

The FF (Freedom Foundation)
Fantastic Four #600 (kinda)

Beware, all those that are buying the hype for DCs major relauch with 52 #1 comics. I'd be willing to bet that things revert back to the way they were once the shine wears off and the sales start to drop. I'd say right around the time Detective Comics was slated to reach #900 (it's final issue was #881 so that would be 18 months from now). Don't say you weren't warned!

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