Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rolemaster - Gaming Notes #6

After defeating the lich, his guardian statues marched back to the crypt. The party had previously never been able to penetrate the crypt so we decided to follow and see what treasures lie is store for us beneath the Earth. Before we could set off, two more individuals came walking up - a fighter and a mentalist of some kind. Kinda convenient because we had just had a wizard and a paladin bite the dust in the fight with the lich!
As we followed the stone constructs we ran into four skeletons. We observed them for a bit - they didn't seem to be moving in a particularly meaningful pattern, they just wandered about aimlessly. Not much of a threat but the party still decided to take care of them, lest they encounter some travelers or a farmer and become violent. The cleric quickly dispatched them with turn undead. 
Following that, we continued heading toward the crypts only to encounter four huge boars. We tried to avoid them. Seriously. We didn't make any aggressive actions. The ranger even successfully hid. But the boars proved to be very aggressive, charging us and attacking. The party once again quickly dispatched them and moved on. 

On night watches the mentalist fell asleep on first watch but his buddy the fighter tried to cover for him by lying and saying it was him who failed to wake the ranger for fourth watch. Either way, if it happens again the ranger threated to attack the one who fails the party.

We finally arrived at the ruins around the crypt. The ranger spotted a type of undead, floating head that the party had previously encountered. He stalked it like a hunter and the party followed. They engaged it in combat and, once again, the cleric quickly destroyed it with turn undead. Kill stealer!

Next time, it's into the crypt!

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