Thursday, October 20, 2011

First Impression: Ticket to Ride Map Collection Volume 1: Asia

I've got to tell you that I'm SUPER PUMPED for the Ticket to Ride Map Collection Volume 1: Asia! As someone who has every single TtR game and expansion, I've very pleased every time a new one is released.

First of all, it's got two different maps on a double-sided board. Sweet! According to the Days of Wonder website, the first map will feature Team Asia for 4 or 6 players. First, this is awesome because it is the first TtR game to feature the six player option! This is also interesting because this appears to be a map that requires partner play. Notice it is "4 or 6 players," not, "4 to 6 players!" I wonder how the team option will work?

The second map will feature Legendary Asia for 2-5 players who must navigate their ways through the Himalayan passes. This map is one of the winners of the Days of Wonder TtR contest, Fran├žois Valentyne. It seems that this map is of a more traditional TtR standard rules.

The whole setup will costs $30.00 which isn't bad considering what you're getting. The game comes with nine additional train cars for each of the five colors of trains. I'd say that indicates that for one of the maps you'll play with more than the standard starting number of train cars. The six card holders are also curious... could they be for the overturned cards that you can draw from? Interesting... The Map Pack is an expansion, meaning you will need to have a copy of a TtR game to play this (just for the trains, however).

How cool will it be to use those Alvin and Dexter monster pieces on an Asian map? Think Godzilla attacks Japan...

Ticket to Ride Map Collection Volume 1: Asia
There will be another TtR Map Pack released shortly featuring India. That expansion will feature the other winning map by Ian Vincent.

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