Monday, October 24, 2011

Sherlock Holmes Movie Review

Is it just me or is Robert Downey Jr. EVERYWHERE these days? From Iron man to Tropic Thunder this guy doesn't quit! I had heard mixed reviews from my friends about Sherlock Holmes but I'm glad I watched it.

I liked the action sequences when Sherlock dissects the situation in his head and meticulously plans out every move before executing the plan in a sudden blitz of movement. The overall plot was a bit dense but I liked the twists that it took - some of them genuinely surprised me (at times there are too many - enough that I was confused).

The interactions between Downey, Law, and McAdams were fabulous. Each one performed wonderfully but I think the one-upsmanship between Downey and McAdams stole the show. Downey's Holmes was a bit too close to Tony Stark's quirky brilliant outsider for my liking.

1LR Review: 16 out of 20 - It's a Hit!


  1. I liked this movie, too. I feel like they missed a few key points for it to be near the true essence of Conan Doyle's books, though. Mainly, Watson usually isn't this negative. There seemed to be a consistent grumpiness about him in the film that I don't see in the books. The other is I wish they used that film technique where he picked apart the combat in his head before he acted- I wish they did the very same technique in scenes where he's deducting evidence at a crime scene or analyzing someone. Other than that I really liked it.

    For more truly excellent Sherlock Holmes I recommend the new BBC series from last year SHERLOCK. It's a modernized take on the characters, but in my opinion, they nailed it (and as good as this film was, the new BBC Sherlock is better, IMO).

  2. I agree. That would have been cool if they'd used that "instant deduction" ability to solve crimes as well, perhaps without the inner monologue going over it.

    Have you seen the second one? I have not but I will...