Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Goodbye, Zombie Lane

Zombie Lane, the online video game, has got some issues. I played the Google + edition. I reported recently that I was rabidly playing this game. In a week or so I was level 19... and then I randomly lost my ability to see my "neighbors." This may not seem like a big deal but it's HUGE because this game is designed to be a social experience. Without neighbors I am unable to...

  • Hire neighbors
  • Neighbors stopped showing up at my house to "help out."
  • Visit neighbors (which denies me the following)-
    • +1 extra energy per visit
    • 1 Duct Tape per visit (pretty much the only way to get duct tape which is needed for missions and to craft special weapons)
    • A small amount of coins per visit
    • The ability to to stuff at neighbors houses (you get five energy at each neighbor)
  • Complete missions. As of right now the only three missions I have deal with neighbors... I *could* complete them because I still have access to the AI neighbor but it would take me twenty times as long as opposed to one day if I had access to my neighbors.
  • Complete accomplishments. Since the game gives special rewards for repeatedly visiting neighbors and hiring neighbors, I can't reasonably achieve those accomplishments.
So, basically, this crashes the entire game. I gave it a few days to see if it would come back.... even added some new neighbors to see if I could start again from scratch... but, no. It seems my neighbors are gone and gone for good. I checked the Google+ Zombie Lane forum and it appears I'm not alone - scores of people have reported the same problem as me. Google+, please pull this game until this issue is resolved! I didn't spend any real-world cash on the game but I can't imagine how angry people are who did. It really stinks to pour yourself into a game only to have a buggy glitch pull the carpet out from under you. Goodbye, Zombie Lane. I guess the zombies won after all.

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