Sunday, October 23, 2011

Catan Historical Cultures

Catan Cultures set... or random lumps of lead?
Wow... you've got to give those folks over at Silver Fox Productions credit for being creative. With Catan being wildly popular across the country, fans might just be willing to pay $29.95 for one robber, four cities, five settlements, and 15 roads (that's a complete set for one player) crafted in pewter and designed to reflect historical Earth cultures.

Sets are available in Bavarian, Chinese, Egyptian, and Viking sets. There are also Seafarer expansions planned.

I've got to say... for me, what I'm seeing is NOT worth $30, especially the roads. These don't looked colored at all - I'm guessing you could paint them but that seems like an awful lot of work when you could just play with the easy to identify, brightly colored gaming pieces that come with the game. I would say these gaming pieces would be for the Catan fan that just has to have EVERYTHING Catan (you probably have a complete herd of sheep Catanimals). 

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