Sunday, October 23, 2011

King of Tokyo - Gaming Notes

I played King of Tokyo the other night with Sam, Brian, Dave, Letitia, and my four year old, Ben. We played two games. King of Tokyo is a fun, fast paced, rules-simple game that has very complex strategies to it once you learn the game.

In the first game, which was the first time any of us had ever played, Sam and Letitia grabbed Tokyo and Tokyo Bay right away. Sam made the mistake of attacking everyone outside of Tokyo to which we responded by killing them both. I was killed by Brian but I was saved by my card - Monster's Sidekick - that brought me back to life (but if Brian died, I died as well). Dave died quickly after that and then Ben killed Brian. Since Brian died, I died as well and the four year old won the game. What can I say? He's a gaming prodigy. We didn't play with any kid gloves with him!

The second game started much like the first. Proving she didn't learn her lesson, Letitia took Tokyo again and I took her out with five damage in one round. Then we went a long time without anyone dying. Sam pulled far ahead with 18 points (20 needed to win). In a desperation move, I used a card to heal other monsters, stealing their energy by doing so, and I bought Evacuation Orders which deals five damage to all other monsters. This knocked Sam down to one life left and Ben finished him off on his turn. I then killed Ben (which, actually, we realized later, that he had a card that should have brought him back to life), leaving just Brian and I. We traded vicious blows but ultimately it was Brian's inability to heal in Tokyo that lost him the game. My monster stood victorious over all the others!

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