Sunday, October 16, 2011

History of Marvel Universe Comic Book

One of the great things about the Marvel Universe is that (more or less) it has maintained its continuity throughout five decades. Sure, there have been glitches along the road like Age of Apocalypse and Brand New Day but Marvel has never had to do what DC has done twice now - completely wipe the board and start over from scratch.

So to celebrate Marvel's 50th anniversary, Marvel is releasing a special comic book detailing the history of the Marvel Universe. All I can say is... wow. At 48 pages long that's less than one page a year! And we all know that Marvel makes a LOT happen in a year! Should be interesting to take a trip down memory lane with this special issue...

By the way, how interesting is it that NONE of the Fantastic Four made it to the cover of this comic when they're the ones that started it all? Now that I think about it - "Weird" isn't the right word... perhaps "stupid" is.

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