Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rotten Tomatoes: Marvel Movie Madness!

Recently, Rotten Tomatoes had a series of movie reviews on EVERY MARVEL MOVIE EVER. That's 34 movies! You can check them out at http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/thor/news/1922609/rotten_tomatoes_presents_marvel_movie_madness/. The list includes the newest films such as Captain America and some terrible direct to DVD films such as Man-Thing.

The surpise on the list for me? Men in Black I and II. That's right. These movies were officially Marvel movies. HOW? Well, MIB was originally published by some no name company that was purchased by Malibu Comics. Malibu was purchased by Marvel and then the first MIB movie was made. Marvel even published some MIB comics at that time! Here I thought they were just licensed comics like the ones Marvel did for Independence Day, but NO! Marvel apparently owns the rights to MIB! Guess that makes MIB III a "must see" for me since I see every Marvel movie!

Another confusing thing for me was Red Sonja. How is RS a Marvel movie but not the two Conan movies since RS is a spinoff? Well, as I found out, Conan is not an original Marvel creation but Red Sonja is! Arnold was suppose to be Conan in RS but they didn't get the rights secured so his character's name was changed to Kalidor. How weird...

The list does leave off Made-for-TV movies such as the Hulk specials, Nick Fury, and Generation X. Kind of an odd choice especially since they included the direct-to-DVD Man Thing.

So check out the list and the reviews for each movie... you'll probably learn something if you do!

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