Friday, October 7, 2011

Guillotine Card Game Review

The Guillotine card game is a lot of fun to play. The concept is simple: You're an executioner during the French Revolution. You want to build your reputation by executing the nobles of the greatest prestige. Beheading people who the common man are sympathetic to (like the Hero of the People), however, will lower your reputation. 

There are two types of cards: Noble cards and action cards. The nobles are lined up in a row of 12 - the order they are to be executed in. Action cards may be played to change the order of the line, to bend the rules of the game, or to give you scoring bonuses. After you've played a few times, however, you start to wish that you could play more than one action card on your turn.
The design of the game is great. The box fits the contents perfectly - they even give you a little cardboard guillotine stand-up. The art on the cards is funny and simple. The card titles often have historical connections and at the same time are meant to make you smile such as the Piss Boy.  Beware - there was a printing of this game in which the "+" signs were replaced with black squares! Could be quite confusing for first time players.

The rules, at first glance, APPEAR to be very simple and straightforward but, unfortunately, many situations arise during gameplay that the text of the rules and the text on the cards is simply insufficient to resolve in a definitive way. This is a big negative when the players at the table simply can't agree how to play the game.

This game, in my opinion, is best played with two players. More than two players does not allow you enough control and the game ends up feeling a little bit too random.

I love this game and have played many, many, many rounds. It's quick, simple, and fun but allows you to use strategy as well. I'd love to see an updated and revised edition with very, very clear rules published both in the rulebook and on the cards. Also, this game is MADE to expansions... waiting... waiting... Until the rules are clarified, I have to rate it....

1LR Rating: 16 out of 20 - It's a Hit!

If an "ultimate revised" edition comes out I'd rate it much higher!