Saturday, October 1, 2011

First Impression: Angry Birds Card Game and Knock on Wood Game

In November there will be two Angry Birds games released. No, not for the computer but physical games.

Angry Birds Card Game
The first is the Angry Birds Card Game. What's confusing to me is the actual concept for the game. The solicitation says things like, "Knock out the object cards with your bird cards," and "Shoot the die to topple the golden eggs," Is there an actual dexterity skill involved in this game like throwing dice at targets? It doesn't seem likely but the game does come with a stand-up green pig king figure... Ultimately, I'd expect this game to play a lot like Uno - it's even advertised as being made by the same people.

The other game is called Angry Birds: Knock on Wood Game. Now in this game you DEFINITELY fling birds at an actual wooden structure with a slingshot. Sounds like a recipe for lost game pieces but it also sounds like a lot of fun!

Angry Birds: Knock on Wood
I must confess that before I wrote this post I had never played Angry Birds. I knew that it was a rave hit. So, needless to say, this post took me ten hours to write. I'm not joking.


  1. I think the concept of this toy is really fun, and my kids certainly enjoy it although you need to be prepared to search around for scattered pieces if you don't have a restricted area for shooting the birds. I find shooting toward a rug or on a table with a tablecloth keeps them from ricocheting all over the room.