Monday, October 17, 2011

A Real Life Kraken?

Isn't it wonderful when something thought to be fantastical proves to be real? Well, that may be the case with the Kraken. You know the Kraken, don't you? It's essentially an octopus that's big enough to sink an entire ship. Surely a thing of fantasy, right? Well, maybe not. Check out this news article: KRAKEN.
The strangest thing from the article is the arrangement of the ancient shark's vertebrae into what appears to be the image of octopus arms. Does this indicate that this creature was above animal level intelligence?

And what about no fossil record for the creature? Well, the article says that it's quite likely we'll never find any because the only hard part of the creature would have been its beak.

Ain't science cool? I can't wait until they find a dragon skeleton.

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