Monday, October 10, 2011

My $3.00 Comics Pound

Well, as I said the other day Comic Store West had its "Comics by the Pound" sale this weekend. The backroom of Comic Store West was really packed with books. I couldn't resist stopping by. I bought exactly one pound of comics. Here's what I scored for $3.00:

Not bad for $3.00, eh? I love the old Marvel Sagas and Official Marvel Indexes. The Back to the Future is a kids comic that the kids will love. I let my four year old boy choose one and he chose Superman (Wha? I feel betrayed! DC? I REALLY tried to push Iron Man or Thor but strangely he wasn't buying it...). My two year old daughter wanted Wolverine. I figured I'd choose a comic with Kitty Pryde in it as well for her.

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