Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Geek Gear: Settlers of Catan: Catan Dice Tower

Alright. There have been some questionable Catan products announced recently (Catanimals and pewter playing pieces from different cultures - we'll get to those in a few weeks). But this one takes the cake. It's a dice rolling tower. Specifically marketed as being for Settlers of Catan and the Catan Dice Game. SERIOUSLY? Who would buy this for $19.99!?!?

Catan Dice Tower
According to the solicitation in Previews, this device, "aids in rolling your dice and preventing errant dice from skipping across the table and disrupting the game." First of all, it's rolling dice. This is a very simple act that should not require a gaming aid.  If you DO need a gaming aid for rolling dice because you wildly fling them around the room perhaps you need help. Or, you could try the time-tested method of rolling in the lid of the box. Secondly, even if a "errant die" madly skitters across the table and knocks some pieces out of place HOW HARD IS IT TO PUT THEM BACK?

Mark my words - The Settlers of Catan Electronic Random Number Generator is coming. For only $49.99! Don't say I didn't call it.


  1. we drink alot when we play settlers, and I couldn't say how many times a game the dice rolls off the table, or messes up the board. Maybe we need help... or maybe we just need a dice tower ;-)

  2. Just wait six months... I hear they're coming out with an improved editing with a insulated cupholder on each side of the tower!