Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Comic Store West "Frontroom Sale"

Comic Store West, located in York, PA, is famous for its backroom sales where all sorts of gaming products are sold dirt cheap. Well, now the backroom has moved out onto the main sales floor. Introducing the Bargain RPG Books Section at CSW!

I checked out their stock the other day and found a bunch of great stuff. I myself picked up the core rulebook for Fireborn for $5 and two one-on-one solo D20 fantasy adventures for $1.88 each! You can't beat that! The Fireborn book alone would have originally retailed for $30!
I spoke with one of the store owners, Brian, and he said they were periodically renewing the stock on the Bargain RPG Books Section. No need to wait for those cool backroom sales anymore! Check out the bargain RPGs and give CSW a little love on the net at:

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