Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gaming Notes: Magic: The Gathering

Nature Vs Nature???
I recently had a chance to show a 10 year old how to play Magic: the Gathering for the first time. He had two beginner mono-green decks that were identical (he had bought two beginner prebuild decks). "This should be interesting," I said to myself.

I started out basic - explaining the card set up, different types of cards, and the basic turn. The kid caught on pretty quickly. 

We started and I got off to a quick start because I had some low-cost creatures while the kid had some more expensive ones in his hand. I kinda felt bad hitting the kid for 2 every turn but that's how you learn how to play the game, I suppose.

Well, I kinda held back a little bit to let the kid get back into the game. I ended up needlessly sacrificing a regenerating creature and that allowed the kids' forces to overrun my own. 

In the end, the kid won. He was very excited about his new Magic cards and asked me where he could buy more. I felt pretty good about myself. Bringing up future generations of gamers, one at a time. 

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