Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Avengers Smash Loki, Chitauri, and the Box Office!

Well, the Avengers started the summer movie season out with a bang, grossing $207 million dollars in the opening weekend. That's an all time record, if you're keeping track. Yep. Better than Harry Potter or Twilight (that's actually quite hard to believe). And that's just the opening weekend!
Just imagine a line like this that's about 200,000 people long.

According to www.boxofficemojo.com the movie has grossed over $600 million worldwide through last weekend. Apparently it was released earlier in foreign countries... What's up with that? Not sure, but Avengers is sure to make the top ten list of the highest grossing movies of all time.

Which begs the question... can Dark Knight match this movie at the box office? What about Spidey? Or will the summer start out with its biggest hit and see declining box offices from there?


  1. The Hobbit is hitting theaters in December, so at least we'll have some stuff in the winter. Of course, The Hobbit may be more for dorks. *sniff. We're a little more high brow. *cough.

    1. Yes, The Hobbit is guaranteed to be huge. But I think, like the novels themselves, it will be more of a slow burn rather than a burst out of the gates like the Avengers.