Monday, May 21, 2012

Gaming Notes: Marvel Heroic RPG #2

At Comic Store West's recent Free Heroic RPG Day, I ran two session of the Marvel Heroic RPG "Breakout" adventure. This is the first.

The participants were:

David played Luke Cage
Craig played Spider-Man
Eric played Captain America
Marlin played Wolverine
James played Daredevil
Talen played Iron Man

All of the heroes were at the Raft for various reasons when a huge explosion shuts down the power. Separated, the heroes encounter villains. Iron Man is devastated by an initial attack from Graviton. Count Nefaria, Zzzax, and a few other villains keep the other heroes occupied. The group comes together when Iron Man flees from Graviton, allowing him to escape.

The heroes proceed to the Sentry. At first, they have a great deal of difficulty convincing him to rejoin society. Eventually, the heroes persistence pays off and the Sentry bolts through the ceiling, causing a collapse behind him.

The heroes are left to fend for themselves and slowly grind their way up through the levels until they reach the top of the Raft prison.

As they go up a few levels, they see that the walls have literally been painted with blood. The entire floor is deserted - except for Carnage, Tiger Shark, Vermin, and Razor Fist who are lording over a pile of SHIELD agents and inmates alike.

The heroes throw themselves into battle against this group of psychopaths. They sustain some heavy blows but, in the end, emerge victorious.

Continuing on their way up, they encounter an enraged mob of depowered heroes trying to break into the Raft's armory. Cap starts flinging his shield everywhere, Iron Man fires off his Uni-Beam, Luke Cage picks up a inmate and uses him as a battering ram, and Spidey is swinging from the rafters, kicking inmates out of his way. In no time, they have the mob subdued and dispersed.

Reaching the surface, they are greeted by a swarm of SHIELD agents who enter the Raft to "contain" the situation that's already been contained. Iron Man manged to get the backup generators up and running while Luke Cage uses his experience as an ex-con to get some information about what the heck is going on at the Raft. Cage learns that there's something funny going on in the Savage Land and that it involves Sauron, the mutant villain who Elektro rescued from the Raft.

The heroes jump into one of Tony Stark's private Quinjets and fly off to the Savage Land to get to the bottom of the matter...

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