Sunday, May 13, 2012

How You Can Use 1,989 Valiant Comics #15

Continuing our series on how YOU can make use of those worthless Valiant Comics you've got lying around!

#9 - one comic - Next time you have to give a gift, don't waste good wrapping paper on the box. Instead, use a Valiant comic - they're cheaper! One comic should do it for most boxes. Having the shred the comic to open the box will be good therapy for the person receiving the gift. And just think, compared to the comic your gift will look ten times better!

For the purposes of the ongoing count below, we'll call this just one comic but we all know that over the course of the year you could use 100 Valiant comics this way.

VALIANT COMICS USED TO DATE: 85 of 1989! 1904 left to use!
The rate this is going, I might just still be at this at Christmas!


  1. Whoa. You should check ebay man. With the new books being received so well Valiant is really heating up in prices.

    1. Haha... yeah, just like 1992 all over again. Books that have been in quarter bins for 15 years are suddenly fetching hefty sums again? I hope those folks know they're paying good money for essentially worthless comics. I'm finding more value in using these comics... creatively than they could possibly be worth.